• The SSR is so easy to adjust without ever having to take your eyes out of the scope
  • You can make very fine, elevation adjustments
  • It doesn’t limit your gun range movement because it is flexible from side to side
  • This is a retractable device that you can attach anywhere that want to on tripod (standing, kneeling, sitting, laying position)
  • It holds pressure and keeps the bind going for you
  • It will give you all the support that you need
  • It’s easy to leave right with your unit
  • Especially when you are sitting waiting for that turkey/ stubborn Tom to come out/into perfect position, you usually have to sit in same position for a while–with the SSR, you can avoid the discomfort of using your knees to prop your rifle for such an extended period of time.
  • It is low profile, light
  • The uses are only limited by your imagination
  • For your rifle or shotgun
  • Very handy on simple walking stick, same adjusting capacity
  • Unique item that no one out there has

A rest like this is specifically designed to reduce motion and provide forward rest. This reduces the operator fatigue and permitting increased accuracy