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Though it may seem simple, the Sargent Sniper Rest is the product of much thoughtful experimentation. Since the best of hunting experiences are made even more successful with lightweight supplies and crisp results, that is exactly what we catered toward. You won’t find a lighter, more compact, adjustable, lower-priced rifle rest on the market today than the SSR.

Adaptable to any shooting position, this retractable device can be attached anywhere to your tripod or walking stick. Whether standing, kneeling, sitting, or lying down, it guarantees increased sturdiness and accuracy for that perfect shot, reducing your movement and fatigue. With the SSR, you never have to take your eye off of your target for any minor adjustments. It doesn’t limit your rifle or shotgun range of movement because it flexibly rotates from side to side.

This is a great product for shooters young and old alike. With your shotgun or your rifle, it is a handy addition for target shooting, plinking, predator hunting and big game hunting. Only your imagination is the limit!

PATENT NO. 818131407

Sargent Sniper Rest


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  • Ultra Portable
  • Steady Aim
  • Multi Purpose
  • Ease Body Stress
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