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The Sargent Sniper Rest and the Complete Shooting System are the lightest, most versatile, lowest-priced rifle rests available. We design our products to help create a great hunting experience. Our rifle rests give you the best conditions for taking aim in every setting.

The Sargent Sniper Rest and the Complete Shooting System are excellent products for shooters young and old. With your shotgun or your rifle, it is a handy addition for target shooting and hunting. Only your imagination is the limit!

PATENT NO. 818131407

Sniper Rest


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  • Attach the Sargent Sniper Rest to any tripod or walking stick for that perfect shot every time. Whether standing, kneeling, sitting, or lying down, the SSR guarantees increased sturdiness and accuracy - reducing unwanted movement and fatigue. Make minor adjustments with ease. The SSR provides a wide range of motion while giving you better control of your shot.
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Sargent Sniper Rest Complete Shooting System


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  • Introducing the Sargent Sniper Rest Complete Shooting System. Get the same Sargent Sniper Rest, and a multi-position bipod that doubles as a trekking pole. The complete system weighs under two pounds, perfect for long hikes! When aiming, slide the locking ring up and separate the limbs using the spacer for a complete rifle rest anywhere.
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