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Phone: 801-455-0388
Address: 315 Old Farm Lane
Coalville, UT 84017

About Us

We have a passion for hunting and have put a lot of thought into our product. We know that a few things are key to a successful hunting trip:

  • Lightweight equipment
  • Sturdiness
  • Accuracy
  • Minimal movement

These are the reasons we created the Sargent Sniper Rest. You will not find a lighter, more compact, adjustable, and lower-priced rifle rest than the SSR. It has been designed to be attached to any tripod or walking stick to help decrease the amount of equipment you need to carry.

We made the Sargent Sniper Rest with easy adjustability so it can be moved vertically along the tripod or walking stick without ever having to look away from the rifle’s scope. We have also ensured the SSR with free horizontal, or side to side, movement to ensure desired mobility.

If you have any Questions about our Sargent Sniper Rest then fill out the form below and we will assist you.