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The Sargent Sniper Rest is the lightest, most compact, adjustable, lowest priced rifle rest on the market today. If you own a tripod or a hiking stick, just attach the SSR and that is all you need to have a steady ultra-adjustable rifle rest. It is a great product for shooters young and old alike. It's great for target shooting, plinking, predator hunting, and big game hunting.


Why the Sargent Sniper Rest?

• The SSR is easy to adjust without ever having to take your eye off the target

• Make controlled elevation adjustments while taking aim

• Allows for freedom of movement from side to side

• Removable device that you can attach anywhere on a tripod (standing, kneeling, sitting, laying position)

• It holds pressure by gripping your tripod or hiking stick

• Sturdy build will support your firearm for an accurate shot

• It’s small enough to leave attached to your equipment while on the move

• Avoid the discomfort of using your knees to prop your rifle or shotgun for an extended period of time.

• It is low profile and light

• Its flextible latching mechanism allows it to be attached to a variety of objects (use your imagination)

• Perfect for your rifle, shotgun, or hand gun

• Set up your Sargent Sniper Rest anywhere, even on simple walking stick (i.e. a strudy tree banch)

• Unique gun rest that no one else out there offers

• Reduces motion and provides a solid forward rest to avoid operator fatigue and increase accuracy

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